Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis or PrEP

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) involves putting HIV negative people on antiretroviral drugs (ARV) with the aim of protecting them from HIV infection. This blog looks at some of the pros and cons of PrEP.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Dear CAPRISA 004, You've Been Dumped

The most hyped issue by far at the hype-laden Vienna Aids Conference a few months ago was the CAPRISA 004 microbicide trials, which is said to be "at least 39% effective in preventing HIV infection" when applied before and after sex. There were calls for the technology to be made widely available as soon as possible, though the trial results are not impressive and several more years, at a minimum, are required before a viable product results.

On the strength of the hype, attempts were made to raise $100 million to carry out further trials. But only $58 million has been raised so far. What has happened to all the enthusiasm of a few months ago? Given his endorsement of technological fixes, especially pharmaceutical ones, why hasn't Gates coughed up the shortfall yet? And why is so much of the money coming from donors? Big Pharma constantly bleats about how much money they invest in products as an excuse for extorting enormous profits out of what is often publicly funded research. Where are they now?

Many African countries are finding just how quickly donors pull out when it suits them, although these countries were heroes in the fight against HIV only a short time ago. Far fewer people receive antiretroviral drugs than need them, many of them are lost to follow up, develop resistance, die of something curable or simply cease to be important now that HIV treatment on its own is no longer flavor of the month.

What could explain this sudden lack of interest? Will PrEP experience similar fluctuations?


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